Boost ur Biz

To buy clutch parts from us is to boost your own business

A) Price

1, Our price is unimaginably cheap

For example, for the same type of product, our selling price is USD19, our Chinese counterparts offer USD24, while Korean counterparts quote at USD27. Our regular customers believe we are the first choice in consideration of price.

2, The sea transport fee is quite affordable nowadays

If you order more, you save more. The clutch products are also suitable for shipping.

So the above two points reveals that you can cut sourcing costs greatly. You win against your country competitors on price.

B) Convenience

We deal with all the producing, quality control, shipping, customs clearance issues, all you need to do is just waiting for the arrival notice and then assign your local agent to transfer goods to your warehouse.

So you can focus on sales in your market.

C) Customization

We make the products and their packing box neutral.

So you can easily change them into your own packing box with your own brand name on it.

We can also make your brand name box and pack goods up for you in China. So you can directly sell them in your country.

D) After-sales service

We value the quality most. We rely on old customers. We have built our reputation since 1980. You will get VIP service from our staff, and every of your troubles will be solved by our professionals.

E) Quality Guarantee

90% of our customers order from us on regular basis. We value old customers. They are also the local leading company.

We grant at least one year guarantee.

Why choose us?

  • We are professional and dedicated in one field: Clutch products
  • We are 30-year-old business with lots of manufacturing and exporting experience
  • You can find any clutch products for almost every car make from us
  • At a 20% cheaper price than our counterparts in China
  • With best quality proved in US, EU, Japan market
  • Last but not least, VIP pre mid and after sales service

Still wait and see?????

Let’s do the trading business and beat all your competitors!!!!!